League of Women Voters Candidates Forum, Wednesday, April 29

Standout with signs at the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum.

Time: 6:45pm to 7:15pm
Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington St, Brookline

Quick Quiz

Take this quick quiz to help you decide which candidate for the Brookline Selectboard (Board of Selectmen) to vote for on May 5.

As a Brookline voter, I care about:

Working for commercial development that contributes to the town's quality of life and is compatible with its neighborhoods.

Understanding that individuals and communities can make a difference in creating a healthy sustainable environment.

Listening to and respecting people of different backgrounds with the goal of making Brookline work for everyone.

Knowing that quality education is important for every child, for their future wellbeing, and for the economic health of our families, communities, nation, and world.

Valuing the warmth and neighborliness created by a sense of community, with safe streets and an income-range of housing.

If you checked these items, Merelice shares your priorities. She has been described by people who have worked with her as having “tremendous bandwidth in terms of being knowledgeable about a broad range of issues.” See some examples at the "Issues" tab regarding appropriate development, sustainable environment, inclusive diversity, educational opportunity, and livable neighborhoods.