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"Ask yourself 'Who is looking out for the interests of everyday people? What is the state doing that, instead, continues to make our environment unhealthy, especially for all our children? What is the state doing that helps to create the huge immoral gap between low income workers and the corporate elite, transferring wealth from those with less to those with a lot?'

"Hello, I'm Merelice, candidate for State Auditor and I believe that the state's resources are more than financial. They are also human and environmental. Too often we lose our human talents and lay waste to our planet. As a former department manager in both the non-profit and corporate world, I bring the experience and judgement needed to make sure all the state's resources are properly managed to benefit people and the planet." - MK Merelice

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The Government is the People

"What I've learned is that the people have good ideas. They have solutions to problems. They sometimes think they don't have the power to do something about it, and they do." - MK Merelice

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Merelice Gets All Her Electricity from the Sun

Three months ago, Merelice put her words about environmental sustainability into action by installing solar panels on the roof of her house.


Says Merelice, "I'm pleased to report that for the three months since the system was connected in early June, my electric bill has had zero (as in 0, nada, zip) kw charges! That means even my modest use of air conditioning was covered by the power produced by the solar panels."

Commenting on the People's Climate March, "A society that relies on renewable energy is more stable and more just. It will create more jobs than we can get from fossil fuels and it will do so while giving us cleaner air, cleaner water, and a healthier environment."

More about the Green-Rainbow Party Team and the People's Climate March

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Putting People First



Contacts:  John Andrews, GRP Co-chair, Tel.

FreeSpeechCosts.jpgBOSTON, MA - On Sunday, April 6, the Green-Rainbow Party adopted new campaign finance guidelines that ask its candidates to refuse money from registered lobbyists or from officers of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists. The adopted party guidelines also exclude donations from political action committees (PACs) formed by for-profit interests. 

M K Merelice, GRP candidate for State Auditor, noted, "Sometimes the Auditor is called upon to investigate whether money spent to subsidize a corporation is truly being spent in the public interest.  I don't think the Auditor should go into such an investigation while depositing checks from the corporate officers into her campaign bank account. The guidelines for Green-Rainbow candidates make good sense to me."

"These guidelines are a response to the increasing sway that for-profit corporations exert upon elected officials," said John Andrews, co-chair of the GRP.

"When the political careers of elected officials are dependent upon pleasing their big money donors," Andrews continued, "everything from tax laws to budget appropriations are biased toward serving moneyed interests. Tax breaks for the wealthy are protected while costs are shifted to people who are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. If you aren't wealthy enough to buy influence in the big money game, you just don't get a fair hearing.  We want to make it clear that the Green-Rainbow Party candidates are not part of the big money system and are running to truly represent the public interest."

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Corporations are not people; money is not speech

Cobb_Merelice.jpgMerelice at the Fitchburg Public Library on March 22 with David Cobb, featured speaker and a founder of Move to Amend, a nationwide organization working to undo the Supreme Court's rulings that corporations are people and money is free speech. David Cobb was the Green Party's 2004 U.S. presidential candidate.

Merelice explained to the audience that her role as State Auditor would be to audit the human and environmental as well as financial resources of the state and that investing in better use of state land and education of youth will strengthen, not deplete, the economy.


Who counts?

"Massachusetts has many financial, human, and environmental resources. The Auditor needs to ensure we use our resources for the benefit of all people, our planet, and a peace-making economy." - Merelice


MK Merelice for State Auditor
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