About Merelice

Merelice_280X280_1.2sm.jpgMK Merelice advocates auditing all the State's resources: human and environmental as well as financial, and using these resources "for the benefit of all people, our planet, and a peace-making economy." She avows that investing in sustainable use of state land and equal education will strengthen, not deplete, the economy.

After a career in journalism and the financial services industry, Merelice is an elected Brookline Town Meeting Member and serves on the boards of the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance, Brookline’s affordable housing CDC, and the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending. She was a founding board member of Brookline Neighborhood Alliance and is president of the Brookline Village Coalition.

Originally a member of the Rainbow Coalition Party, Merelice helped plan the uniting of that party with the Massachusetts Green Party in 2002 to form the Green-Rainbow Party. She is presently a member of the party's State Committee and has held several positions in the party, including State Co-chair and State Treasurer.



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